Gretchen FerrisI help my clients discover who they are and be able to express themselves in different kinds of relationships, i.e., spouse, family, friends, colleagues, work, lovers. They learn to identify the different stressors in their lives and overcome the fear and anxiety that keep them feeling “stuck”. I believe in my clients and I walk along beside them as they learn to find their ways through the situations they are facing to find their true selves.

I am particularly good at working with close relationship issues that involve deep emotions, as fear and anger. My clients tell me I make it clear, help them “get it right”. If you come to me, I will show you different ways of looking at situations and give you hope.

I am compassionate, I listen, I believe in the power of love, and I have a sense of humor.

All sessions are conducted by telephone or video chat (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.)